The Do’s and Don’ts Concerning CBD For Dogs

CBD For Dogs and Puppies

Here are the do’s and don’ts concerning CBD for dogs. If you’ve ever considered getting your dog high, stop. I’m not saying it’s entirely bad, but there’s a humongous chance that you’ll do it wrong.

We know that some dogs are purposely given substances that could get them high for various reasons. Some who suffer from painful diseases use it to ease their pain and others to calm them down and relax them.

According to a study from the state of Colorado, not every substance that gives a high is compatible with your dog. Dogs tend to react negatively to THC or tetrahydrocannabinol.

If you don’t know what that is, it’s the chemical that gives marijuana the effects that it has on the body. While THC affects our behavior for as long as we’re under its influence, it doesn’t work the same way for our beloved canines. THC can kill them. It’s best to keep your pet away from this chemical.

So, I Can’t Give My Dog CBD-Based Dog Products?

No, I’m not saying that. Even if the government is against giving animals products with cannabis, some vets still prescribe it. It can’t be helped sometimes, especially if the animal in question is suffering from a painful disease, and they know that cannabis can ease that pain even for a while.

Be careful when buying CBD for dogs. Many companies advertise having CBD in their products when they don’t.

Using the popularity of CBD as a prop, they’ll cleverly charge you more for their products. Don’t take your chances. Google a reputable brand to order from. Read online reviews about the product and the vendor before placing an order.

We know the CBD does wonders to our body. It’s proven itself as a capable and reliable medicine for patients suffering painful ailments.

It’s only natural that some people would think that it could also work its miracle on pets.

What Will CBD Do To My Dog?

Cannabidiol CBD is a component that’s found in both hemp and marijuana. Like THC, it’s also responsible for the effects that those two substances have on the body. The difference is that THC is fatal to dogs. It’s like a toxin to them. While CBD doesn’t seem to affect them that way.

Giving your dog a treat with CBD can relax them. This chemical has the same effect on dogs as it does on humans. It could help bring down a swollen part of your body. It can serve as a painkiller; it can also keep seizures under control, uplift moods, and reduce anxiety.

CBD Oil is undoubtedly headed into becoming an instrumental part of holistic health. As we move forward, you can expect more great news!

When Is CBD Prescribed To Dogs?

CBD is prescribed to dogs if they suffer painful diseases, especially those with arthritis and other long-lasting conditions. There are many diseases that CBD products can help dogs with.

Now and then, you might encounter people who would try to dissuade you from giving your pets cannabis-based product; they are likely misinformed. There hasn’t been much research done on the effects of CBD on pets. That’s why lots of people are still doubtful as to whether it’s effective or not.

There have been countless debates on this topic. Of course, it’s understandable that people worry. We all love our pets, and we don’t want anything bad to happen to them.

The last thing we want to do is give them medicine that may or may not be harmful to their bodies. This medicine is not backed by enough research, and there’s no guarantee that it will 100% work. On the other hand, we can’t stand to look at our pets when they’re in pain.

Who wouldn’t want to do everything that they can in their power to ease their pet’s pain? If you know that CBD can help your dog and make them better, wouldn’t you give it a chance? We have all heard the wonders that it did for other pets. So why not give it a shot.

Some vets, especially seasoned ones, don’t think twice about prescribing CBD products to their furry patients. They know from experience that it works.

VET CBD’s CEO Dr. Tim Shu, says that CBD products can ease pain, nausea, and bring stomach relief to dogs. It can also give them psychological relief and calm them down.

He says that cannabidiol has the power to modulate chemical components in the brain; this relaxes the entire body and brings relieving effects.

He also added that if you administer CBD right, your dog would be fine. Just be sure to give them the right amount – at the right time. CBD is not harmful to dogs, and there haven’t been any reported side effects that come with it.

He also assured us that your dog wouldn’t have an outburst or change in personality. Although the chemical is also found in marijuana, it cannot get your dog high. It also doesn’t damage any part of your dog’s body, especially their internal organs.

CBD products can also calm down panicking dogs. The drug can reduce the feeling of anxiety to animals. It can help you get closer to dogs even while they’re on a rampage. CBD can relax and relieve stress in animals. It can make them calmer and more approachable.

The biggest and most important use of CBD oil for dogs is to help those suffering from seizures. It’s heartbreaking to see your pet having a seizure.

There’s almost nothing you can do when your furry baby is having an episode. CBD based products can help bring instant relief to the poor animal. If your pet is experiencing seizures, give CBD a chance.

Some Do’s and Don’ts of Buying CBD For Dogs

Always Read The Fine Print

If you can’t find a reputable brand, at least scan the packaging and read it carefully. Make sure you’re getting hemp-based product, and that it contains CBD.

Do Consult a Veterinarian Before Administering

This issue is serious enough where you need to seek the advice and expertise of a licensed professional. Don’t  give  and CBD products to your pet without consulting a vet. Understand how you should go about it. Ask for the dosage and how many times in a day should you administer it.

Team Up With a Professional

Observe your dog and its reaction to CBD. Have a go-to veterinarian whom you can report all the changes you might see in your dog and schedule regular check-ups. If you’re going to use CBD for dogs, become your dog’s hero!