CBD Lab Testing – NBC Caught Companies Selling Faux CBD! This Is Scary!

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CBD Lab Testing results: Defenders test finds huge unreported range in THC levels. The NBC Charlotte Defenders team bought five bottles of CBD oil and sent them off to a CBD lab testing facility. You’re probably familiar with CBD oil, you might even have some in your home right now -- but an NBC Charlotte Defenders investigation uncovered that what you see on the label isn’t always what you’re really ingesting. This means even a well-intentioned legal user could fail a drug test, become unintentionally impaired, or even arrested.

Savannah Levins, NBC Charlotte Defenders team

To read this critical story in its entirety, you can go to NBC Charlotte Defenders Team.

CBD Lab Testing Is Essential!

As the CBD industry grows, you can expect more and more shysters to come out of the wood works to take advantage of people who erroneously assume the best in everyone.

Fortunately, this has nothing to do with the CBD industry per se but everything to do with how unscrupulous individuals conduct themselves.

These men and women wake up every morning with the mission of committing crimes against humanity. They are heartless, cold, and calculating individuals who have no compunction about ruining the lives of others.

We find these individuals in every sector of life. These are the same type of people who sold plastic rice to third-world countries. They are the same type of people who sold those fake N-95 masks and sell other counterfeit products as if they are genuine.

To all of the men and women who are new to CBD and are seeking CBD products while learning about this industry, we issue this warning, “Buyer Beware!”

Don’t trust any company just because they exist. Examine the company from top to bottom. Make sure they have licenses on the state and local levels. Make sure that they submit their product line to a verifiable third party CBD lab testing facility. Always perform your due diligence; in the words of Ronald Reagan, “Trust but verify!”