CBD Terminology

CBD Terminology

As the popularity and demand for CBD increases, people will need to learn CBD terminology. The CBD industry is filled with specific terms that are probably unclear for most people.

Below is the detailed explanation of some of the terminology used. We will be updating this CBD terminology page on a regular basis.


Cannabis refers to the genus of a plant that is grown in the United States for ages. There are several different sub-types, such as marijuana and hemp. Each species has its list of benefits and compounds present.


Marijuana is a type of cannabis plant that is best-known for THC, which is a psychoactive ingredient. It is responsible for the ‘’high’’ effect some users like. This is the main reason why marijuana is so popular today and used by many people.

However, not all cannabis plants contain THC levels needed to get you high. Some are very low with this ingredient, and some production processes completely eliminate the presence of the THC in the final product. In addition, marijuana contains CBD as well, which is linked to countless health benefits.

In case you didn’t know, CBD Oil and accompanying CBD products have dramatically increased in consumption despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Are you wondering why? It’s the results!


Hemp is a term used to refer to cannabis plants which are grown. During this process, plants do not contain THC or any psychoactive ingredients, which makes them perfectly legal is the United States (all states) and in most parts of the world. Hemp is loaded with fibers, vitamins, minerals, oils, etc. which are all beneficial for human health.

Industrial Hemp

This is probably confusing for some; industrial hemp is actually the same as an ordinary cannabis plant but grown on a much larger scale. There are farms where industrial hemp is grown and processed for several reasons. CBD oils are just a small part of the process.

Industrial hemp is also used for making livestock feed, insulation, fiber boards, carpeting, and paper. An interesting fact is that the Constitution of the United States is written on a paper made from hemp! Hemp is commonly used for making strong ropes.

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is a product that comes from hemp plants. The seeds, on the other hand, are crushed and turned into powder. This powder is used as a supplement to a diet, in cooking and also as an addition to beverages. Don’t forget that oils and powder made from hemp do not contain THC or any psychoactive ingredient.

Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is a product made from any cannabis plant. Some of those plants are specifically cultivated and used thanks to high THC levels. Others are used due to the opposite reason, for high cannabidiol levels. Before you order your desired product, make sure to check and see which type of plant was used and what are the ingredients present inside the oil.

Marijuana Oil

This type of oil comes from just one species of cannabis, marijuana. It contains THC, and the levels may range significantly depending on the extraction process, the purpose of the oil and the quantity.

Marijuana oils have been used in medicinal purposes,but they are not legal in some states of the United States. The most common purpose for these oils is recreational and medicinal application.

It is believed that in the near future, marijuana and marijuana oils will be widely used for medicinal applications.


CBD oil is made from several parts of the hemp plants. The parts in question are leaves, flowers, and stalks. Other parts are not used due to the lack of cannabidiol or the low levels of the mentioned ingredient.

All CBD oils are known to cause homeostasis a condition in which your body will function perfectly, without a single problem. This is one of the main reasons why CBD oils are commonly used today.

CBD oils can be used for all kinds of health-related benefits, and they are known to decrease the risk of tumors, cancer, inflammation, etc.

The best part is the fact that all of those benefits are guaranteed for all users, as long as they are using pure CBD oil, confirmed by an independent third-party lab.

Be advised, the FDA regularly sends out warning letters to companies they confirmed through lab analysis were selling fake CBD products. Generally speaking, those companies use subterfuge, and  misleading advertising; this is why you need to know CBD terminology!