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FDA Food and Drug Administration

As you may expect, the FDA regulation of CBD is a real potential game-changer, but not in a good way! As the CBD industry expands, thrives, and goes through its growing pains, everyone the industry touches, from consumers to growers to suppliers and manufacturers, should keep abreast of what the FDA is saying and doing.

We dedicate this section of CBD Yen to keeping everyone abreast of what is happening with the FDA Regulation of CBD Oils and related products. It is our sincere desire that this industry makes a positive lasting impact on everyone that it touches.

Now more than ever before, we need to all be united, and we need to work together. Speak with your wallet, ask questions when you need clarification, and work to make sure that consumer safety is upheld.

We cannot and will not allow unscrupulous individuals to destroy what we are building and erode public trust while negatively impacting our livelihoods. It is incumbent upon us to set the industry standards moving forward. And not only that but to build positive legacies that cannot and will not be erased.

In our FDA Regulation of CBD Oils section, we will keep everyone informed of FDA consultations, FDA meetings for stakeholders, FDA press releases, FDA statements given by their Spokesperson, FDA responses received from public comments, and more. You can find status updates here.

The above list is not exhaustive but should give a good idea of what has already been reported that you may have missed. These FDA Regulation News Feeds will be updated often as new news comes in.

Or you can check back over time using the search feature or see our article archive page for more past articles related to the FDA regulation of CBD.

Keep abreast of the latest news concerning CBD and how it is positively impacting the lives of countless people around the world.

The CBD Industry Is Changing

Why is it so critical to keep abreast of the FDA Regulation of CBD? Because it impacts how you, as a consumer, can access and purchase CBD products.

As FDA regulations change, so will how you access and purchase your favorite CBD product(s). The FDA is currently working on ways to tie THC to THC-containing products like cannabis oil.

If they don’t come up with a mechanism to tie these two together within the next two years or so, then it could be possible that all of the progress we are making in legalizing cannabis across our nation goes out the window!

We cannot let this happen. It would be irresponsible to stay silent while FDA policy may have such dire consequences for us all!

CBD Laws Impact Everyone

Additionally, we want everyone to know that FDA Regulations affect more than just consumers…it also affects distributors (sellers), manufacturers and importers of CBD products.

FDA Regulation of CBD will affect the entire industry and everyone in it! FDA Regulations could impact pricing, marketing, packaging, and ALL aspects of what we are doing now with the CBD enterprises.

We firmly believe that FDA regulations regarding cannabinoids (including CBD) are an essential issue for this community to be aware of.

We hope you welcome these FDA Regulation news feeds designed to give everyone a complete understanding of how FDA regulation may impact your favorite cannabidiol products!

FDA Meetings

As well as FDA press releases and statements from their spokesperson, we will also keep you updated on FDA meetings for stakeholders such as producers and consumers alike.

Being aware of these meetings is critical because they impact legislature and laws referring to the CBD and Cannabis Industry. FDA regulation could impact FDA guidelines and laws concerning cannabis-based products, including CBD.

In the FDA Meetings for Stakeholders section, we will keep everyone informed of FDA meetings regarding FDA Regulation of CBD Oils and any other FDA Regulations forthcoming in this industry and related to this topic.

Remember, keep abreast of all of the laws related to CBD and the Cannabis Industry, and do so on the Federal, State, and Local levels.

And equally important, be ready to take action when laws are pushed that may negatively impact what we do. Laws and regulations will have a far-reaching impact on this industry; that’s why we need everyone prepared for the future.

Concerning The FDA Regulation of CBD, Be Proactive!

Don’t wait until you hear about new laws; being proactive means joining the lobbying efforts to enact laws that protect the CBD and the Cannabis Industry.

FDA Regulation of CBD should be a concern for this industry, and we would love to have you join the fight!

FDA regulation will affect everyone, consumers and businesses alike. FDA Regulation could restrict direct sales from consumer to consumer (the artisanal side of our industry).

FDA regulation might keep companies from investing in this growing market. FDA regulation of CBD would open government doors for Big Pharma to get involved with Cannabis Industry. FDA regulation is FDA control over what has historically been referred to as “hemp-derived products.”

Do We Need FDA Regulations On CBD? NO!

The FDA’s mission statement is: To promote and protect public health through the regulatory process driven by science in pursuit of reasonable and justifiable regulation to enhance public health. FDA regulations might not be reasonable or justifiable in regulating CBD and all Hemp derived products.

FDA regulation would likely have a negative impact on the hemp industry and consumers’ access to affordable CBD products. FDA Regulations could shut down small businesses and put an end to consumers having unfettered access to safe cannabinoid-based products, including Cannabidiol (CBD).

FDA Control Is Not Necessary

FDA control over how cannabinoids are sold is unnecessary and unwarranted. FDA Regulation of CBD will reduce our freedom by creating FDA Regulations that will limit our choices on what we can buy!

If you would like to contribute information related to FDA regulation of CBD, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are always looking for content that our readers can benefit from, so if you feel your knowledge could help others, please share!

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