CBD BioCare – 3500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil Is Amazing!

What sets CBD BioCare – 3500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil apart from the competition?

  • CBD oil with a broad spectrum of effects derived from the absolute best medicinal hemp
  • extraction of the entire plant (stalks, leaves, and flowers)
  • Farmed organically and produced in the United States
  • Transparency of our company was assessed by a third party


What is the amount of Full Spectrum CBD oil in the 3500 mg oil?

Each bottle of 3500mg oil contains 3500mg of full spectrum CBD.

The bottle contains roughly 600 drops, each of which contains approximately 5.8mg of full spectrum CBD oil.


Our hemp oil is made entirely of cannabinoids and has all of the natural benefits that this plant has to offer. It’s also been infused with 10% extra terpenes to boost its effectiveness even more.

As a carrier oil, we use hemp seed oil. Why? Because of its characteristics of aiding in the absorption of nutrients and the undeniable nutritional benefits of the Omega Fatty Acids.

If you choose peppermint flavor, your oil will be enhanced with organic, all-natural peppermint.


What type of CBD is this? Full spectrum! It is derived from CBD hemp plants (classified as naturally high) that are farmed with care to provide the very best quality CBD oil available.

Many people use CBD oil for a variety of reasons, including chronic discomfort. Because our oil contains almost no THC, it is meant to provide many of the same medicinal benefits of medical marijuana without the psychoactive effects.

Plus, unlike many other CBD oils on the market, our CBD is grown organically in the United States and distributed from a federally licensed facility. Before being bottled, each batch of oil is thoroughly checked for quality and purity.